IBM has rejected Apple's stated concerns that future processors from Big Blue will run too hot to be used in Macs.

Instead IBM claims that it could build PowerPC processors that meet Apple's desktop and notebook needs.

IBM Systems and Technology Group vice president of development Rod Adkins told eWeek that Apple's statements are "somewhat misleading".

"Apple positioned it that way in the public," he said, adding, "Obviously I have a different point of view, because there's nothing about power architecture that limits you in any way in terms of power management or power efficiency."

He counters that Intel took Apple's business because of on-chip features such as WiFi on chips. He believes Apple wants to focus on its software and hoped to "leverage the Intel roadmap end-to-end".

Intel's focus on notebook solutions also helped it win business from Cupertino, he said - though IBM and Apple are still working together on a "number of products".

eWeek also offers an in-depth look at IBM's highly-automated state-of-the-art East Fishkill manufacturing plant, where G5 processors are made. This report reveals IBM intends moving to 65-nanometre production processes next year.