IBM has given its new 750CX and 750Cxe PowerPC G3 processors their first public appearance at the Embedded Processor Forum.

Whether Apple plans on using these in future machines is still unclear, though pundits claim the chips could be the solution to Apple’s PowerBook speed-bump needs.

Peter Sandon, senior processor architect in IBM’s PowerPC division, presented the new chips. He said: "With an emphasis on high performance, low-power dissipation, reduced die size, and low-cost packaging, IBM has produced a PowerPC processor well-suited to a wide array of embedded designs."

700Mhz G3 chip The 750CX, available this year, will run at clock speeds of 350-550Mhz. The 750Cxe will reach speeds of 700Mhz, according to IBM. Both chips have a 2556Kb on-chip L2 cache, but lack connections for an off-chip cache.

Detailed information regarding these microprocessors is available from IBM’s Web site.