Microprocessor Watch has made more information pertaining to IBM's Power5 chip available online.

The Power5 is the successor to the Power4 chip, on which IBM's PowerPC 970 – marketed by Apple as the G5 – is based.

The information emerges from the Microprocessor Forum, which took place in October.

It reveals that the Power5 will "take over" as the flagship of IBM's server processors, with support for multithreading and for up to a terabyte of RAM.

The report from senior editor Peter Glaskowsky states: "The most significant changes from Power4 to Power5 are reflected in the new chip's increased level of integration. The Power5 brings memory control onto the die and relocates the L3 cache interface, coupling both subsystems more closely to the CPU. The Power5 design connects the off-chip L3 cache – a 36MB embedded-DRAM device-to the on-chip L2 cache."

The report reveals the new processors will ship commercially in 2004. The company plans a new Power5+ processor in 2005, and a Power6 in 2006. The company hasn't yet announced the clock speeds or power-consumption figures for the Power5.

More information is available to Microprocessor Watch subscribers.