Layoffs at PowerPC manufacturer IBM in the second quarter of this year – the period from April to June – totalled just over 15,600 people, the company disclosed Tuesday in a filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

IBM's Global Services unit took the brunt of the hit, with 14,213 people losing their jobs, according to the document. Most of these people left the company during the quarter, with most of the rest due out by the end of September. The company also disclosed the loss of 1,400 jobs at its microelectronics division, of which the majority will leave by the end of August.

IBM recorded a pre-tax charge of $767 million relating to layoffs during the quarter.

Some details of the layoffs had already been made public, although Tuesday's SEC filing represents the first time the company has officially confirmed the number of job losses.

Apple also disclosed a number of layoffs at the start of the week.