IBM is evaluating a plan to migrate many of its employees from Windows to Mac.

A report from Roughly Drafted explains IBM initiated the first phase of the plan last October, ordering 24 MacBook Pros to be put through evaluation by its research team.

In line with IBM’s external strategy of offering a true ‘Open Client’ that may be Windows, Linux or a Mac,” the document said. “Research IS is focusing on providing an IBM application stack on multiple Operating Systems, rather than be confined to one or the other.”

This initial research (which extended across four months) found the Macs offered numerous benefits against Windows, including better security and popularity within the academic markets.

The researchers also found many new IBM recruits to be more familiar with Macs than Windows computers, the company also found a growing community of Mac using researchers and increased acceptance of the platform as a business client.

The documents also revealed that of the 24 people asked to test the MacBook Pro, 22 said it offered a "better or best experience" when compared to the ThinkPad notebooks currently being used at the company.

Just three of the 24 employees who were fitted with Macs for the research period said they'd prefer to return to their old computer.