PowerPC chip manufacturer IBM plans to make the fastest ever computer chips for high-frequency communications devices.

IBM researchers announced last week that they'd built silicon germanium transistors with a speed of 110 gigahertz.

According to The Boston Globe, the chips will be based on new proprietary technology that creates transistors that switch on and off 110 billion times per second.

The chips will use an alternative chip design, known as ''bipolar architecture'', to produce transistors with the necessary high frequencies.

The new line of chips is planned for production in the IBM's Essex Junction plant in Vermont, US, by the year's end.

Bernard Myerson, vice president of communications research and development at IBM Microelectronics, said: ''We managed to take the performance of silicon technology up dramatically.''

The article reveals the process means IBM can: "Produce chips on the same production line as its other silicon products, like the PowerPC chips used in Apple's Macs."