IBM has announced its NetVista line of desktop computers designed for fast and easy Internet access.

NetVista computers don’t have "colours in their hair", but do have a sleek, black, late-Twentieth Century, designer feel. Some of the line has 256-bit encryption, wireless networking capabilities and high-resolution, flat-panel screens.

There are four products in the NetVista family:

The NetVista All-in-One is a high performance PC, 75 per cent smaller than a home or office PC. It includes a 15-inch flat panel monitor, built-in speakers and an optional radial arm that allows the device to be mounted on a wall, or clamped to the edge of a desk. It has seven USB ports.

The Legacy Free PC has similar specs, and also includes a docking cradle for synchronization with handheld devices, like Palms. It also features an embedded security chip and 256-bit encryption technology.

The other two varieties are the NetVista Internet Appliance and the Footprint Thin Client, these are primarily aimed at corporate clients. Pricing is not yet available.