IBM is seeking feedback from the Mac community about whether it should port its DB2 relational database software to Mac OS X.

The company has launched a survey into the feasibility of the move, which reads: "If you, or your clients, use or develop on Mac OS X we want to hear from you, as IBM is investigating the possibility of porting DB2 to Mac OS X."

IBM goes on to state: "This survey is being conducted for marketing purposes only and in no way indicates an intention to support or not to support OS X."

If the company does introduce support for OS X, it will herald the wider acceptance of Macs in business and corporate networks.

DB2 is a heavyweight relational database-management solution. It supports multimedia and the Web, and already has over 60 million users worldwide spread across 400,000 companies.

The solution supports the AIX, Linux, HP-US, Sun and Windows platforms. The survey focuses on OS X Server installations – effectively, IBM is examining the feasibility of porting its already-Unix-friendly product to run on OS X Server.