IBM is set to ship a 15-hour notebook battery, the company has announced.

The Electrofuel PowerPad is destined for a number of notebook manufacturers - including Apple - later this Autumn. Developed by small Canadian firm Electrofuel, the battery will retail for $499.

Weighing 2.2 pounds, the PowerPad is designed to sit under a laptop during periods of extended use. Unlike standard batteries, which contain up to 22 per cent of wasted space, the PowerPad’s super-polymer technology - and its lack of metal casing - means that all available space is dedicated to battery life.

An innovative chemical process also helps increase the energy density. American network TV news channel, CNN, reveals that IBM is set to make the PowerPad available to further laptop manufacturers in late September/October.

Because the product plugs into an AC adaptor, Apple's PowerBooks would require no redesign.

IBM is said to be working on an internal version of the design, which could be used in future PowerBooks.