IBM has published information for developers about running Linux on a G5 processor.

The article looks at running the Yellow Dog Linux distribution on the PowerPC 970, which is a 64-bit version of Linux currently in beta. The piece describes how to set up a dual-boot environment with Yellow Dog Linux and OS X on G5 systems.

"This article is an early look at the promise of Linux on a G5 and is intended for developers interested in trying out this combination in anticipation of production-ready releases to come," the report begins.

Apple's ease-of-use and focus on design wins praise in the piece: "For many Linux users, the best reason to buy a Power Mac G5 will be, quite simply, the well engineered, high-performance, and reasonably priced machines available from Apple."

"Apple already ships with a generally excellent Unix-family operating system called OS X," the report describes, adding, "When you want to assure a uniform system/user interface across mixed platform machines, Linux is the best choice for an OS. PowerPC 970-based machines are comparable in performance to AMD's Athlon64 and Opteron and to the Intel Pentium 4EE and Xeon."