Apple’s three new iBook TV ads have been posted on the company’s Web site in QuickTime 4 format.

The Mac faithful who attended Steve Jobs’ keynote speech at Macworld Expo in New york were treated to a preview of four ads, and, in true keynote style, were asked to help Apple choose the best by demonstrating their opinion of each one.

The ads were shown to the audience, and Jobs gauged the most popular ones by the volume of the applause. The two winners by far were the ones now on Apple’s Web site, one featuring Barry White and one with the voice of Jeff GoldBlum asking if it’s possible to fall in love with a computer, and a soulful Miles Davies track in the background. The third ad is for the AirPort.

While the advertising campaign is in full swing in the US – Macworld spotted an ad in an American womens’ magazine, perhaps adding weight to the opinion that the iBook is a "girlie" thing – the iBook has a low profile in UK media.

And while reports from the US say that iBooks are beginning to hit store shelves, the UK October launch is likely to be delayed, according to industry insiders.