Owners of iBooks are threatening Apple with lawsuits and protests at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco next week. Some iBook owners have experienced problems with logic board failures, and claim that Apple is ignoring this issue.

The Web site blackcider.com is collecting names to file a class-action suit and already has 849 names of people who have had similar problems. There are many other calls for petitions and protests on various other Mac Web sites.

The symptoms of the iBook problem include a flickering screen. Problems appear to be particularly common on the iBook with dual USB ports. It has been suggested that the quality-control issues may go beyond iBooks. Macworld US reportedly returned three 15-inch Aluminium PowerBooks that were bought for testing due to various failures.

Blackcider.com is trying to bring the problems with quality control to the forefront of the Macworld Expo next week by selling T-shirts and thongs with their logo and the words “Ask me about my logic board”.