Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced an updated iBook range at Apple Expo, Paris.

Apple has boosted the iBook Special Edition's speed to 466MHz, added a FireWire port and a DVD-ROM drive. The previous top-of-the-range iBook Graphite SE ran at 366MHz.

The new iBook SE is available in Key Lime and Graphite and costs $1,499 - no UK price is available at this time. The Key Lime SE is available only from the Apple Store.

The standard iBook has also been revised, two colours are now available - Indigo and Key Lime. The standard model includes a 24x CD player, and a FireWire port is included. The standard iBook costs $1,249.

All the iBooks come with iMovie2, a built-in ATI Rage Mobility 128 graphics-accelerator, 64MB of RAM and a 10GB hard drive.

Read the full specifications of Apple's new iBook range.

Jobs also announced that ATI’s Radeon graphics-accelerator upgrade will be available for Apple’s G4 Cube and G4 Power Macs as a build-to-order option from the Apple Store, it costs $100.