UK resellers have been out of iBooks for three weeks, with the 366MHz and 433MHz models both unavailable.

“Blame it on high demand” said managing director of MacLine, Garrett Doyle. He added: “When Apple announced the new iBook, there was a three-fold increase in sales. Whenever Apple comes out with a hot new product there’s a rush. It’s sold better than Apple anticipated or projected.

“The increase in speed, the inclusion of DVD on the graphite model and the change in colours has attracted high sales. We’ve just ordered more, but there’s a wait of between three weeks to a month.”

Key Lime Until three days ago resellers stocked only Graphite and Indigo iBooks. The drop in their availability has prompted Apple to launch Key Lime iBooks through resellers, to make up the dwindling number of iBooks.

Previously, Key Lime iBooks could only be bought through the Apple online store. Marketing director of Mygate Maneesh Patel said: "Apple has launched Key Lime iBooks through the resellers channel to compensate for the lack of Indigos and Graphites."

Orders advice Patel recommends that end-users put in iBook orders with resellers as soon as possible.

Dealers in the US and Canada have reported similar shortages. US distributors are telling dealers it will be at least another seven to ten days before they will be able to fulfil seven-to-ten-week-old back orders.