The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved two new top-level domains, .jobs and .travel.

At the 22nd ICANN International conference in Argentina, the body approved requests from Tralliance to operate the .travel domain and from Employ Media to operate .jobs.

Registration for names in both domains should start in several months with domains online by the end of the year.

Dot jobs

The .jobs domain will be promoted to human resources professionals. Companies that have job openings will be able to operate a .jobs Web sites, such as, to advertise their job openings.

The .jobs domain is sponsored by the US Society for Human Resource Management. Any legitimate employer or staffing agency will be able to get a .jobs domain, said Brian Johnson, general counsel for Employ Media. Johnson said his company will soon begin doing business with the name .Jobs.

A pre-registration period for .jobs is scheduled before the domain goes online in the second half of the year, Johnson said.

Dot travel

Registration for .travel domain names will be restricted to applicants authenticated by independent third parties, including industry associations. Registrants will also be limited to using Web site names that they already use or have rights to. Those rules will help establish travel industry brands, according to Tralliance.

The .travel domain is sponsored by The Travel Partnership, a US nonprofit organization backed by the travel and tourism industry.

Pricing for the .travel and .jobs domains has not been set yet, registry representatives said.

ICANN has a pool of ten applications for other sponsored top-level domains, including: .cat, .post, .mobi, .asia, .tel and .XXX.