There's 101 uses for Apple's iChat AV video-conferencing software, says Wired.

Wired has examined the host of Web site registries that have appeared in the weeks since iChat AV was announced. These sites help iChat users make contact with others.

Apple iSight product manager Danika Cleary told Wired: "I use it to video conference with colleagues in Europe and Japan, but also on the Apple campus when I'm too lazy to get up from my desk."

iChat user Marc Zeedar uses his TiVo, camcorder and Mac to deliver pay-per-view soccer games to his brother across town. He links his TiVo to his camcorder, links that to his Mac and sends the signal using iChat.

Other uses detailed by Wired include Mac troubleshooting, international calls, and video dating.

The report also looks at the need to develop an etiquette of manners for video conferencing.