Griffin Technology has launched laptop stand the iCurve.

A clear laptop stand, the iCurve has been designed for Apple’s PowerBook and iBook portable computers.

Its main purpose is to place a PowerBook or iBook in an ergonomically correct position when using the laptop as a permanent desktop computer.

Inch perfect When positioned on iCurve, a PowerBook screen is raised to a height of 16 inches. This is the recommended height for computer screens as specified by the TCO 95 ergonomic standards.

It greatly reduces neck strain caused by looking down at a laptop screen for extended periods of time.

Size The iCurve elevates an iBook four inches above the desk surface - freeing up space for a full-size keyboard and mouse.

Although you can type directly on a laptop while it rests on iCurve, the addition of a full-size keyboard and mouse makes for the most comfortable and healthy desktop experience.

This also allows a laptop screen to be positioned the recommended distance from the user - an arms length away.

iCurve’s rounded clear surface "matches" Apple's LCD monitors, the company said. The $39.99 iCurve also increases airflow underneath a laptop – keeping running temperature low and CPU performance high. No UK price has been announced yet.