Digital audio is achieving an ever-stronger grip on US music lovers, IDC reports.

In a recent report, the analysts found a "growing percentage" of US consumers to already own or be preparing to buy "new audio technologies".

The report ("2004 Consumer Markets: Audio Survey: US Consumers Get Into The Swing of Digital Audio Technologies"), shows consumers to be experimenting with online music services, digital radio and new audio formats: "But they still rely on CDs and FM radio as primary sources of music".

IDC also reveals that: "Nearly 70 per cent of the US households surveyed report spending money on recorded music each month with 23 per cent spending between $10 and $24.99 per month on average."

"US consumers can now choose from among an unprecedented number of music formats and devices," explains Susan Kevorkian, IDC senior analyst, Consumer Markets.

"Our survey shows that incumbent technologies, such as CD and FM radio, are still favoured, while ownership of, awareness of, and intention to purchase MP3 players, satellite radio, music via legitimate online music services, among other devices and technologies, is on the rise."