Intel plans in future to measure processor performance on a basis of processor performance by watt.

The move is very similar to Apple CEO Steve Jobs' presentation at this year's Worldwide Developer's Event, when he explained the move to Intel processors.

Processor people buzz for IDF

Intel CEO Paul Otellini is expected to explain the company's new benchmarks when he launches this year's Intel Developer Forum on August 23 in San Francisco, at the Moscone Center.

The move reflects the shift to powerful portable devices. Intel has been promoting clock speed as a performance measure for years, but will in future stress overall performance and power-efficiency.

Intel is also expected to create more multicore chips, which contain multiple processing cores, and deliver performance gains.

Small is beautiful

"It's not even so much even performance per watt as it is fitting higher performance computing into more constrained environments, either constrained by power, by [heat] or by noise or size," Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research told eWeek.

Intel has already promised to reveal a major change in the architecture used to build its chips at the event.