Intel chief marketing officer Eric Kim has spoken with Macworld about what his company stands to get from its association with Apple - described by him as "probably the most innovative company in IT".

Kim said: "This was a great customer win for us," adding "this is a tremendous company to be embrasing our technology."

Discussing why he felt Apple deserved to be described as innovative, Kim explained: "Apple excels especially for product innovation, experience innovation, and with iTunes, service innovation."

Kim hopes that some of Apple's brand image will rub off on Intel. "It's a cool brand, and the fact that they are promoting Intel core-duo with their brand makes us very happy."

"We are very proud of the association," he added.

Apple's advertisement, currently being screened in the UK, had innitially attracted some criticism from Intel, who were reportedly annoyed at Apple's suggestion in the advert that Intel's existing clients were "boring", but Kim confirmed that he is happy with the advert, regardless. "If their marketing team wants to promote the fact that they think they are better, that's fine. They're laughing," he said.