A security alert has been issued for Mac OS X 10.1 concerning the use of iDisk.

iDisk permits users to access files from any computer connected to the Internet. Macintosh Internet-security and file-sharing company OpenDoor Networks reports a defect in the implementation of protocol WebDav, which mounts iDisk on PCs and Macs.

The flaw allows iDisk passwords to be accessed over the Internet making Mac OS X 10.1 less secure than previous versions of OS X, according to the company.

The security flaw means hackers can gain read-&-write access to a iDisk sites. Selecting iDisk from the Go menu, or clicking on the iDisk icon in the Finder makes iDisk vulnerable, according to the report.

It is recommended that iDisk should be connected in OS X 10.1 by connecting to server under the Go menu and entering the address afp://idisk.mac.com.