Apple has released iDisk Utility 1.0.1 to its .Mac customers.

The company recommends all .Mac members install the new version. iDisk utility offers a simple way for members to use their iDisk Public folder, offering password protection to files stored there, Apple claims.

Apple has also released Keychain First Aid 1.0. This utlity addresses password-related problems faced by Mac OS X users utilizing Keychain.

Resolved issues include: a problem in which a user's .Mac password is not retained in the Internet preference panel; a problem in which Mail and iChat would prompt users for their password, even when it had been saved to the Keychain; and a problem in which applications were unable to fetch data from a Keychain file housed on a network volume.

Several other issues are resolved in the update. Apple says these issues may be rare or intermittent, and may not affect all users.