Apple will release an International English version of its QuickTime 5 Preview by the end of October, the company claims.

In a low-key announcement, a simple note posted on the site reads: "International English, French, German and Japanese versions will be available by the end of October." The site also warns customers to refrain from installing the North-American English Preview onto International-English Mac OS machines.

Interface improvements QuickTime 5 is the latest version of Apple's media standard. It features a new interface – there's a slider instead of the volume wheel and the Favourites drawer has been replaced with a TV button. Both the Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 versions have been "Aquafied", with the addition of red, green and amber control buttons.

Other features include an upgraded version of QuickTime VR, Flash 4 support and a revised version of the default Sorenson codec. This improves quality and speed when rendering digital video.

Also new is the component download feature. This enables the download of plug-ins, additional codecs and other components – including enhancements from Pulse Entertainment and Sealed Media.