The judgment against Microsoft regarding the way internet Explorer handles interactive content continues to cast its pall across the Web, with Apple last night publishing documents for Web developers to help manage the change.

Apple has published three documents, all of which are available on its Web site. They are: 'Preparing websites with Active content for upcoming changes to Internet Explorer for Windows', 'Authoring websites for compatibility with Internet Explorer for Windows FAQ' and 'Creating the best user experience for Active Web content'.

Microsoft has announced that it will make "minor changes" to its Internet Explorer Web browser. These will affect the way Internet Explorer handles Web pages with embedded multimedia content.

Smooth transition

Apple's documents urge developers to begin making changes now in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new Internet Explorer architecture.

Preparing websites with Active content for upcoming changes to Internet Explorer for Windows explains: "In early 2004, Microsoft will make changes available for its Internet Explorer browser for Windows. The changed Internet Explorer for Windows handles active content, such as QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, Java and other ActiveX controls in a new way.

"Rather than automatically rendering and displaying active content, the updated browser prompts the user to confirm each active content item on a page. Not all websites will be affected by the upcoming changes to Internet Explorer for Windows."

The FAQ document explains the extent of anticipated changes, while the final document focuses on developing good user experiences once the changes are in place.