So you got the flowers, the air tickets and some hair, but what else can you expect at Macworld Expo, San Francisco, 2000? Well, as far as Macworld UK can determine, a whole heap of stuff - new software, peripherals, PowerBooks and more...

To simplify things for visitors, the Expo will feature nine different special interest areas featuring appropriate products from a plethora of Mac developers and manufacturers.

The areas include, for the consumer: The Consumer Showcase - all the possibilities of the iMac explored, explained - and enhanced. Exhibits shall span the space from home office to home video - sure beats a Polaroid!

Musicians get the Music and Audio space. As we reported recently, this is the first time a dedicated music area has appeared at an Expo - so this is guaranteed to highlight a criminally ignored area of Apple's strengths. Did you know that Banco De Gaia exclusively uses Macs for his tracks?

Webheads, Netizens - call it what you like. Net Innovators is the area for you to get your code-defying kicks on Bandwidth-route 66. This area features all the latest tools and technologies to help build and support Internet portals.

The Extensions Workshop is the DTP zone. Live demos from the hottest in Desktop Publishing, and exhibits presenting the latest advances and technologies - and special show prices.

The Education District is the zone for educators and administrators. Software, Internet tools (when oh when will Maths exams run online - with instant results?) and curriculum building solutions will be on show.

Small Business Solutions We reported that Apple had opened up a Small Business section on its Site fairly recently. Now in this zone small business people get to see the products that exist to enhance the Mac-based small business. Networking, time-management, databases and productivity apps all jostle for position here. Apple is sponsoring this zone, underlining its commitment to the small business market.

sci Tech features hardware and software for the scientific and engineering community. The area explores those products that specialize in data organisation and scientific needs.

New Media professionals (you know who you are) should get a kick out of the Digital Media Studio. QuickTime, FireWire - all the latest soft/hardware gadgets to help you create, produce, store and edit
digital media on the Mac.

Developing new areas for computing is the developers job. Developer Central is where its at for you as you get to sample all the best tools and solutions that help produce the next generation of applications. All the products and companies that make programming a Mac easier are here.

Macworld Expo, San Francisco runs from January 5 - 8, 2000. If you're there, come say hello, if not - watch this Web site for daily news and content coming at you as it happens from the Macworld UK team who shall be there in force and in effect.