Philips Electronics is showing a prototype electronic reader whose display can be rolled out to a larger size, at Germany’s IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) computer show.

The Readius handheld device is equipped with a monochrome, 5-inch QVGA (320 pixels-x-240 pixels) display that provides paper-like viewing.

Using a "bi-stable electrophoretic" display effect from E Ink, the display consumes little power and is easy to use, even in bright daylight, according to Philips. Once users have finished reading, they can roll the display back into the pocket-size device, which measures 100 millimetres (mm)-x-60mm-x-20mm.

The prototype screen is based on Philip's Polymer Vision's PV-QML5 rollable display design.

Philips sees demand for the new rollable technology coming from the mobile sector, which wants ways to provide larger screens in ever-smaller devices.