Macs and the iLife suite are inspiring children across the UK, particularly at Mill Hill comprehensive in Derbyshire.

The school is one of the largest dedicated Apple-using schools in the UK, according to The Guardian. It's a media college which focuses on the performing arts, video, graphics and music.

The report looks at this summer's iLife Creativity Week at the school, which trained pupils in using iLife and sent them off in teams to produce either an advert for a new product or a piece of music and accompanying video. Songs were broadcast over the school's wireless network.

Assistant headteacher Cliff Mainey told The Guardian: "We feel it is important to make sure the students get hands-on practical experience at an early age, so they can appreciate the full potential of the technology available to them."

A 2003 Ofsted report described the school as good all round, saying: "Pupils' personal development is very good, supported by very good educational and personal guidance."

In an exclusive interview with Macworld UK, Apple UK and Ireland managing director Mark Rogers discussed Apple's place in UK classrooms earlier this year, saying: "Government likes to talk about creativity in the classroom, what we've tried to do is make that understandable."

"It's about fundamentally changing the way that teachers teach and that kids learn. Using technology to deliver the best results it can," he said.

"Much of the bad behaviour in schools is because children are not engaged in the learning process. We aim to deliver solutions to help engage pupils," he explained.