Apple has delayed the release of iLife until January 31.

Downloadable new versions of iMovie and iPhoto will also be unavailable for release until that date - one week after the release date originally announced by the company.

Apple gave no reasons for the delay, MacCentral reports.

iLife was announced during Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech at Macworld Expo in January 2003.

The £39 iLife suite includes the already-available iTunes 3 and the new iteration of iDVD3. All the products bundled in iLife, except iDVD3, will also be available for free download from the company.

"iLife does for our digital lifestyle what Microsoft Office did for office productivity - all the applications you need are in one box, and they all work together seamlessly," said Jobs.

Along with dozens of additional features, the new versions have been rewritten to offer much better cross-product integration than before. This means users will easily be able to add music from iTunes to their iPhoto slideshows, movies or DVD menus without switching applications.

New iPhoto2 features include: single-click image enhancement; a new retouch tool; the capacity to archive images to a CD or DVD; and single-click email of images using a chosen email application.

iMovie3 features pro-quality effects, audio-editing tools and a wide collection of sound and video effects. It also introduces chapter marking, which helps users build iDVD projects.

iDVD3 offers 24 Apple-designed customizable DVD Menu themes; DVD-scene selection menus and additional features for DVD creation.