Adobe has released an update to Illustrator 9.0, bringing the application up to version 9.0.1.

The update means working in outline mode is faster, and the application has been optimized internally to take advantage of the Macintosh G4 Velocity Engine. Exporting files to SVG (scalable vector graphics format) has also been speeded up.

File integrity has also been improved, with vertically scaled text now exporting correctly to SVG, and the Euro character displaying and printing correctly.

The updater improves the application's stability – erroneous out-of-memory warnings have been remedied. Neither does the Sangram 2Mapper plug-in causes freezes when launching – and iMode rasterization settings now appear in the Save for Web dialogue.

A note on Adobe's site also promises a plug-in that addresses Photoshop 6.0 compatibility will be made available on the Adobe Web site later this year.