Hot Door MultiPage for Adobe Illustrator 9.0 has been unveiled.

The program allows Illustrator 9.0 users to create documents with multiple pages. Users have often complained that Adobe’s vector-graphics package, unlike Macromedia FreeHand 9, does not support this.

The application can organize multi-layer files and create slide-show presentations within Illustrator 9. Pages can contain any number of layers. The program also introduces master pages, margin control, automatic page numbering, page navigation, printing and exporting to multiple page PDF files.

Files saved with multiple pages can be opened with or without the MultiPage plug-in installed. In either case, each page will appear as a layer, and any master pages will be locked. To print each "page", you will need to hide and show layers and print using the Illustrator print functions.

Shari Cheves, Hot Door’s president, said: “With hot Door MultiPage, Illustrator users will finally be able to create, edit and organize a series of design documents within one complete illustration environment. By exporting multi-page PDF files, MultiPage leads Illustrator 9 into a new realm of design publishing.”

Specifications The program only works with Illustrator 9, and it requires 1MB disk space.

Available for Mac OS and Windows, Hot Door MultiPage costs $49 – a free Mac demo is available from the company. The demo works for an unlimited time, but will only accept two page documents, and disables the print and export of multiple pages. UK distribution has not been announced yet.