Adobe remains committed to the Mac, and has revealed plans to Carbonize Illustrator and InDesign for Apple's next-generation operating system.

Citing "competitive reasons", Susan Altman Prescott, Adobe's vice president of marketing cross media publishing, refused to discuss exactly when these products would be released, MacCentral reports.

She said: "Adobe absolutely supports the direction Apple is taking with Mac OS X. We are stating publicly that Adobe InDesign and Illustrator will be the first to be OS X compliant."

Speed versus quality The Adobe VP excused the delay in bringing software to OS X, saying: "Our reputation is built on delivering innovative high-quality software."

Bryan Lamkin, Adobe's senior vice president of Web publishing, confirmed the company's plans in a recent interview with Macworld UK.

He predicted: "Apple will continue to be a key element in the publishing world. We're banking on it, and are integrating OS X into all our major application development."

Release cycle Lamkin also refused to discuss Adobe's release schedule for its Carbonized applications "for competitive reasons". He did hint at a timetable, saying: "What we can say is if you look back, you'll see that our product-upgrade cycle is around once every 12-18 months."

Adobe shipped Illustrator 9.0 in June 2000 - 13 months ago. InDesign 1.5 shipped in March 2000, or 16 months ago. Photoshop 6.0 shipped in October 2000, meaning designers may have to wait until spring 2001 before enjoying Photoshop's image processing power on Mac OS X.

"As far as we are concerned, OS X is the future of the Macintosh. It offers everything for the Mac and we think it makes Macintosh a compelling proposition," said Lamkin.

Lamkin also revealed: "We deal with other operating systems too. In the past, we have had to hold back on some of the things that we could have delivered to other OSs, because Mac OS would not support them. We believe OS X will take the company forward."

Minimizing developmental hurdles, the senior executive revealed: "Any issues we have encountered have been based largely around areas that just aren't complete yet. We are working on this. Apple is a strong partner for Adobe."