Third-party Adobe Illustrator developers have released a number of plug-ins and plug-in updates for the application in recent days.

FilteriT 4.1 is an update to CValley's collection of real-time effects plug-ins for Illustrator. It adds support for Color Picker on the company's Live Trail, Trail tool and MetaBrush Tools, and increases performance on Illustrator 10. This plug-in collection costs $129, and includes simple distortion plug-ins, 3D transform filters and the ability to transform objects into a variety of shapes with a mouse click. It also includes tools to prepare images for Web animation.

Tooled up Graffix has released a number of updates to its suite of freeware and shareware tools for graphics designers using Illustrator on the Macintosh, including: Rotate Text, a freeware plug-in that rotates point-text objects; and Cutting Tools 10.0, updated for Illustrator, that is a $5 set of four tools for cutting and cleaning-up paths in the application. Also updated for Illustrator (and Carbonized for Mac OS X) is Trackplan Tools, a plug-in for drawing model railroad trackplans. Proof Block 10.0 is also now available, and creates a proof block for routing illustrations to editors and art directors before publication and costs $10.

Also from Graffix comes Concatenate 10.0, a plug-in that connects two or more paths into one continuous path. This has been developed particularly for cleaning up CAD drawings and EPS files converted into Illustrator. It costs $20. Graffix has also updated Nudge Palette 10.0, a $15 plug-in that adjusts the position of a patterned fill within an object or dash pattern along a path.

Finally, independent developer, Stephen Vincent has released Kimbo 1.8. This plug-in adds 11 new tools in two groups to Illustrator's palette. Designed for advanced Illustrator artists the $40 collection introduces: Mirror, Cut, Rectangle Cut, Tile, Rosette, Rose, Wave, Grid, Target, Rhombus and Golden Rectangle.