Future Power and Apple have resolved their outstanding litigation over claims Future copied Apple's iMac look-and-feel.

Future Power has agreed not to manufacture all-in-one 15-inch screened computers until February 1, 2004. The company will be permitted to make 17" all in one computers running Windows, despite industry speculation that Apple may plan to release a 17" iMac.

This is the final overture in a federal lawsuit instigated by Apple in July 1999, where the company challenged Future Power's right to sell E-Power machines. Apple claimed the E-Power infringed the iMac's appearance.

Apple served an injunction on Future Power in November 1999, prohibiting the sale of its computer. Future Power contested the ruling.

This is the final chord in Apple's war against a number of manufacturers who tried to cash in on the award-winning design. iMac was the first device from Apple to integrate UK born Jonathan Ive's design aesthetic.