The PC makers that were barred by a judge from distributing their machines, are to continue to sell "slightly redesigned" versions, according to reports.

Apple announced this week that it had "successfully concluded" its lawsuits against Daewoo, and eMachines after securing worldwide injunctions barring them from selling, making, distributing or promoting the E-Power and eOne machines. It also has won a preliminary injunction against Future Power, a joint venture with Daewoo.

However, according to a ZDNet report, both Future Power and eMachines have said they plan to release new versions of their E-Power and eOne machines.

eMachines, which makes the eOne PC, reached an agreement with Apple in February that allows the company to make and sell a redesigned version of the eOne. An eMachines spokesperson told ZDNet: "The terms are that eMachines will stop manufacturing and selling the current blue eOne by March 31, but that we can sell our redesigned unit under the same name."

Daewoo also plans to release a "silver-blue" version of its E-Power PC, and, the case against Future Power, is still unresolved, according to general manager Bill Voecks. He said: "As far as I know, the situation is the same." A case-management conference is still scheduled for April 10 at the San Jose District Court.