Sonnet has announced its Harmoni 600MHz G3 processor upgrade for early-version iMacs.

As a processor upgrade, the card increases the performance of Rev A-D iMacs by up to a claimed 250 per cent. The IBM G3 600MHz processor offers 256K 1:1 on-chip L2 cache. Harmoni is also Mac OS X-ready.

Connect to the digital hub The Harmoni card incorporates a FireWire port, giving first-generation iMacs this connectivity option for the first time. Sonnet claims this feature “opens the door for purchasers of the original iMac to join Apple’s vision for the digital hub”.

Robert Fransworth, Sonnet’s president and CEO, said: “Harmoni has been a huge success since its introduction to the market. The digital hub is driving a lot of people to demand more from their Macs.

“Harmoni is an easy and economical solution for more speed and more powerful connectivity,” he explained.

Compatible iMacs include the 233MHz, 266MHz and 333MHz models. The card holds up to 512MB of RAM, and operates with the iMac’s existing hardware, software, and peripherals. It’s set to ship in early 2002.