Northgate Innovations has launched Integra, a "multimedia PC" that the company is placing in direct competition with Apple's iMac.

An Intel Pentium 4 processor powers the Windows XP machine. Available in various configurations, the PC offers TV- and digital-film production abilities, sound-processing abilities and an FM radio, digital-image editing, DVD playback with surround sound, a remote control and wireless connectivity,

It features a 15- or 17-inch LCD display. Its dimensions are 15-x-15x-7-inches. The screen is 2-inches thick. Integra's starting price is $1,099.

The company says: “Northgate will be using Intel P4 and Microsoft Windows XP Home to compete against the Apple eMac and iMac. Initial market research and consumer indications show that the Northgate Integra is a very attractive alternative to the Apple products, and has been well received by traditionally loyal Apple users.”

The company's vice president of sales and marketing, T. Ayoub, took a stab at Apple, saying: “Our processor will run circles around Apple's iMac G4 processor.”

Apple hasn't responded to Northgate's barbs at this time.