Apple's new iMac G5 has been named Time Magazine's 'Gadget of the Week'.

A generally positive review of the product declares: "This media machine does everything well, though it could do some more things."

The report offers a single-paragraph rundown of the machine: its faster memory type, faster processor, better graphics card and its new PCI-XPress interconnect engine, which helps all the parts of the machine communicate together much faster than previous Macs.

Like most reviews, the report focuses on Front Row. This is remote-controlled software that lets a Mac behave more like a home media centre. Front Row lets users navigate their movies, images, iTunes songs and play DVDs.

The report points to some shortcomings in the software, such as its inability to track where a user is in a movie, or its inability to access music on a network, as iTunes on its own can achieve.

"When I brought these to Apple's attention, I was reminded that these are simple software issues, and was given permission to be optimistic that, in the near future, these might very well get fixed," Time claims.