The Web is ablaze with bandwidth-filling rumour regarding the specifications of the forthcoming upgraded iMac (Kihei). Some sites report actual specs, others photographs and detailed illustrations of the forthcoming line.

Images are disappearing fast, though, as Apple flexes its legal muscle - one site reporting: "This image has been removed at Apple Legal's demand." Recent reports indicate the release date might be sooner than we thought.

"Kihei" is widely expected to feature AirPort connectivity, faster processors (350MHz - 400MHz) and a minimum 64MB RAM. The iMac casing is also to get a revamp: expect a new, translucent casing. If the pundits can believed we will see a graphite, G4-matching iMac as the top-of-the-range machine.

Below this in the trio of iMac varieties comes the FireWire-toting, 400MHz, 10GB hard drive DVD iMac, available in five colours. A bottom-of-the-range machine shall emerge, a blueberry machine with a tray-less CD-ROM drive, modem and 6GB hard drive. An improved sound system is expected on all models, and (as predicted) the DVD iMac shall come with a consumer version of Final Cut Pro.

Apple sources meanwhile would only say: "We neither confirm nor deny rumours of forthcoming product." Meanwhile reports US sources have leaked the news that Kihei might well surface at an Apple event in Cupertino scheduled for Tuesday, October 5th.

Apple issued invitations to the event last Thursday, iCEO Steve Jobs is expected to attend, and a satellite feed and QuickTime Webcast shall occur. The event begins at 10am Pacific Time. The event is also widely rumoured to be the first public announcement of OS 9.