Apple's taking its new iMac out to meet the public this month, announcing a series of 27 in-store "Discovery Days" across the UK.

The days have been designed to showcase the "power, elegance and versatility" of the iMac, says Apple.

Apple reps will be on-hand at each event, putting iMac through its paces, and demonstrating the company's innovative software solutions, developed to transform its computers into the "digital hub".

The company will be visiting PC World and John Lewis stores across the UK, with staff on hand every day from now until March 30. The company will also have a presence at: KRCS Nottingham between February 22 and 23; GBM DT in Manchester on February 28; and the AppleCentre, Warrington on March 1, 8 and 15. There's information about opening hours and locations of the PC World and John Lewis stores on Apple's site.