Business Computer News, a Japanese publication, has revealed the iMac is the second-best selling PC in Japan.

The figures were based a survey that monitored sales over a two day period. The survey showed the Japanese consumer trend has shifted to focus on the design of the PC since the iMac came out.

The top-three selling desktop machines were, in first place, IBM Japan's Aptiva 20J – a low price PC launched after the iMac – with 6.9 per cent market share. Only a whisker behind comes Apple Computer's iMac, with 6.3 per cent share. In third place we see the Sotec e-one capturing 4.9 per cent of the market – this despite Apple's suit against the company.

The other top-selling machines included a large number (four) of NEC PCs, two more from Sotec and one, the FMV-Desktower, from Fujitsu with 2.8 per cent share.