iMac shipping delays add evidence to the speculation that Apple is about to unveil a new line-up of its desktop computers.

Online Apple Stores across Europe, including here in the UK, are now showing a delay of up to three days for orders of all iMac models. This indicates that Apple could be preparing to launch a new line-up of iMacs at its upcoming special event.

Dispatch delays for Apple's iMacs are currently only in Europe, with US and Canadian stores still saying 'in stock' for all models.

Apple could reveal new, redesigned iMacs at its official event on 23 October, alongside the widely speculated iPad mini, and a 13in Retina MacBook Pro

9To5Mac's Mark Gurman believes that Apple's new iMacs will be priced similarly to the current iMac models, ranging from £999 to £1,649. Keeping the same pricing for the new iMacs means that a Retina display is unlikely, says Gurman, highlighting the price difference between the Retina MacBook Pro and its non-Retina counterparts.

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