Newer Technology has unveiled the iMAXpowr G3 466 processor upgrade for iMacs - the only upgrade option available to iMac users.

The upgrade offers a 466Mhz G3 with 1MB backside cache that runs on a 155Mhz cache bus. It is designed to boost the first four versions of the iMac and is compatible with all Mac OSs between 8.1 and 9. It will ship “in the first quarter this year”, revealed Newer - developer of the first Power Mac processor upgrade.

The iMAXpowr G3 466 replaces the stock iMac processor card. It comes with an installation video, as well as a printed manual

Although the card costs $699, Newer is currently offering a $200 part-exchange deal to customers returning their iMac’s original processor.

UK distribution has not yet been confirmed, but Newer's products are handled in the UK by AM Micro. (01392 426473).