Apple's iMac G5 is a winner in the First Annual Bottom Line Design Awards.

The judges deemed that: "Apple has adopted as its core value the idea that high style isn't reserved for lamps and armchairs. This iMac reinforces rather than changes the company's direction, but cramming a powerful G5 processor into a slim space proves that minimalism can make high technology more human and easy to approach."

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will also be celebrating on behalf of his other company, Pixar. The animation studio won an award for The Incredibles. "Pixar continues to lead technologically in a category once dominated by what's-his-name," joked one of the judges referring to Disney.

The awards were run by Business 2.0 and strategic design firm Frog Design. A panel of nine judges were asked to consider everything from a product's success in the marketplace to its impact on a corporate culture. And, of course, how nice it was to look at.

Business 2.0 explains: "Good design is nice to look at, but great design exhibits beauty that's more than skin-deep – it integrates form, function, and market need."

The overall winner – receiving the Grand Prize – was the LiveStrong Wristband, a $1 charity yellow rubber bracelet. Other winners included Virgin Atlantic's Upper-Class Cabin and the Millau Viaduct.

Apple may also be pleased to learn that the Motorola Razr V3 also won an award. Motorola is working on implementing the iTunes Music Store on its new line of mobile phones.