US Mac specialist ComputerWare by Elite Computers & Software has reported receiving a deluge of new LCD iMacs.

The company claims it has received hundreds of all three new iMac G4 models recently launched by Apple.

The recent shortfall of 15-inch LCD screens used to manufacture the iMac gave rise to concerns that production problems could harm Apple's financial results, due to be announced on April 18.

Thomas Armes, president and CEO of ComputerWare by Elite Computers & Software said: "The iMac G4 waiting list is history. Customers have been very patient waiting for these awesome new iMac G4s.

"I am thrilled to announce today that ComputerWare by Elite Computers & Software has all three iMac G4 models available today at all 5 of our Bay Area stores."

This news is contrary to reports in CNet that US dealers ordering new iMacs may not receive inventory for up to four and-a-half months.

In the UK, the high-end iMac has begun to ship, but the entry and mid-range flat-panel models aren't available yet. Some 150,000 pre-orders for the iMac were received gloabally within weeks of its launch.

Apple declined to comment.