Alien Skin Software is shipping Image Doctor.

Image Doctor is a filter for photo retouching that uses new technology to remove objects from backgrounds, retouch blemishes and repair images. It works with Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Ship Pro and other image editors. Features include: Smart Fill, Scratch Remover, Spot Lifter and JPEG Repair.

Smart Fill replaces large objects and defects, combining the repair into the background. For example, it can remove signs and trash from landscapes or people from vacation snaps.

Scratch Remover mends small defects and removes background details - this feature can repair scratches, folds, creases and wrinkles. It can also eliminate smaller objects from images.

Spot Lifter removes blemishes, but preserves the texture and detail of the underlying image. It's will erase skin flaws, dark circles and other physical weaknesses, and can remove photo imperfections such a watermarks and dust.

JPEG Repair "revitalizes over-compressed JPEGs" by removing artefacts, and can be applied to whole or parts of an image.

Effects can be tweaked in the preview panel, which a before-&-after toggle, command menus, keyboard shortcuts and unlimited undos.

Image Doctor is available for Mac OS X and earlier Mac operating systems, and costs $129. Registered users of other Alien Skin products will receive discount pricing when ordering directly from the company. A 30-day demo version is available.