SmartDisk has introduced FlashTrax, a handheld portable device that lets users archive images without a Mac.

The product can store high-resolution images sourced from any Flash memory card onto its built-in 30GB hard drive. The product uses USB 2.0. Images are displayed on the built-in 3.5-inch LCD screen, which folds away when travelling. Images can also be viewed on any TV using the remote control that ships with the device.

FlashTrax doubles as an MP3 player. SmartDisk claims over that 7,000 tracks can be stored on the drive. Music can be played back using headphones, or the built-in internal speakers.

Data is navigable using a control pad, which also offers simple image changing, zoom and a slide-show function.

SmartDisk's director of marketing Charles Klinker said: "FlashTrax brings new freedom to photographers. The ability to offload images from Flash memory cards to the built-in hard drive represents a low-cost alternative to buying multiple cards."

The device costs £349 (excluding VAT). The product will be distributed in the UK by Computers Unlimited, and is expected to ship in mid-April.