IMC, Newer Technology’s largest distributor outside the US, is to part company with the upgrade manufacturer. IMC blames the split on Newer Technology’s "poor communication" with IMC.

In an official press release, IMC said that: "With immediate effect IMC will cease sales, support and service of all Newer Technology product in the United Kingdom."

Newer Technology product manager for IMC, Andrew Michie, claimed that Newer refused to meet with IMC at November’s Comdex show in Las Vegas. He said: "We’ve not had constant or consistent supply. Neither have we had firm delivery dates for supplies, as a result we’ve ended up aggravating our resellers and dealers."

Michie added: "Newer’s faults have not been good for sales of our Umax devices." IMC is sole UK distributor for Umax products.

Michie also claimed that IMC was "not making any money" from its relationship with Newer, and could not do so when attempting "to order unavailable or unshipped products".

He added that Newer has "in the past announced products months before they ship", and that "products have been removed from the range before beginning to ship". IMC says it has not been given "consistent information" about available products.

Michie also says: "IMC is now in a situation where they have lost any confidence in Newer as a supplier and their reputation is suffering as a
result of the inability of Newer Technology to supply goods."

Newer Technology’s RAM Division recently escaped Chapter 11 insolvency status, causing difficulty for the company when trying to negotiate financial investment or support. Despite its changed relationship with Newer, Michie says that "Newer is the best of the bunch - but hard to deal with. We wish them all the best."

Newer Technology products continue to be distributed in the UK by AM Micro Distribution, their alternative distributor.