Virtix has released Virtix Bravo and Virtix Echo, the first special effects packages built using Apple’s iMovie plug-in software development kit (SDK).

Apple’s iMovie SDK lets developers integrate solutions, such as transitions or special effects, into the iMovie user interface.

Virtix Bravo brings 20 special effects to iMovie: Blur Edges, Edge Detector, Emboss, Extreme Color, Funhouse, Heat, Laser, Lightning, Median, One Color, Pixel Fixer, Rain, Smoke, Sparkle, Sparkle By Color, Spins, Stained Glass, Topograph, Tunnel, and Zoom.

Virtix Echo offers 18 transitions for Apple’s consumer-level video-editing software: Burn Through, Clock Wipe, Crystal Fade, Dream, Flying Blocks, Fog, Materialize, Materialize Glitter, Page Peel, Pan, Shatter, Shrinking Tiles, Smoke, Sparkle, Sparkle Aperture, Swirl, Vertical Bars, and Wipe.

A new interface In iMovie for Mac OS X, Virtix presents a different user-interface. Users can position laser beams and lightning bolts, zoom in on a portion of an image, warp and distort it, and more. Mac OS 9.x users enjoy the same features, but through the traditional iMovie slider-based interface.

Both special-effects packages are available for download purchase. They cost $24.99 each, or $39.99 when purchased together. The complete combo download is just 800K.

The solutions work with iMovie 2.0.3 for Mac OS 9, iMovie 2.1 for OS X and iMovie 2.1.1 for OS X.