Adobe has resolved a copyright infringement suit with Trio Systems over InDesign 1.5.

Trio Systems served an injunction on Adobe earlier this week, preventing the distribution of its InDesign 1.5 page-layout software.

Trio claimed that Adobe incorporated the company's C-Index database engine into InDesign, even though it had signed a contract agreeing not to use C-Index in any open programs.

The settlement allows Adobe to continue to include C-Index in InDesign 1.5 and InCopy 1.1, and dissolves the injunction recently entered by the court.

Ray Campbell, senior corporate counsel for Adobe said: "Adobe is very pleased with this result, and expects no material impact from it to the company's financial results. Terms of the settlement are confidential. This is a situation that never belonged in court. We are pleased that we were able to resolve it on a more informal basis.''

Adobe states that neither InDesign 2.0 nor InCopy 2.0 that are both released next year include C-Index.