Adobe InDesign tuition has been added to the curriculum of over 400 leading art, design and communications colleges worldwide.

In the US, 100 art and design colleges have integrated InDesign tuition into their curricula. 250 European and 75 Japanese institutions are also offering courses in the use of Adobe's DTP application.

InDesign offers tight Photoshop integration, as well as close integration with Adobe's other design and layout applications.

In the UK, the Royal College of Art and Glasgow School of Design have adopted InDesign. European institutions offering tuition include France's Les Gobelins Ecole de l'Image and Technische Fachhochschule in Germany.

US schools offering such tuition include: California's Institute of Arts; Carnegie Mellon University, Philadelphia; and Syracuse University, New York.

Apple's vice president of education John Couch said: "The power of the Mac coupled with Adobe InDesign 2.0 running natively on Mac OS X creates a powerful combination for both today's and tomorrow's creative pros."

In the UK, desktop-publishing professionals and publishers hoping to learn more about InDesign may benefit from attending one of the six InDesign Solutions Roadshow events that begin tomorrow, sponsored by Macworld.

These events take place in Birmingham (January 16), Edinburgh (January 21) and Manchester (January 28). Registration is required.

Quark has still not announced a timelines for the appearance of a Mac OS X version of its QuarkXPress.